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What is FIRE?

The F.I.R.E movement is the concept and life plan of saving the majority of your annual income now often giving up a few for a early retirement often in your 30s/40s instead of late 50s/60s(or higher).

Fire simply means Financially Independent, Retire Early. 

As soon as I start this discussion many people immediately have dozens of questions and comments; 

  • Do I need to work all the time?

  • My salary is only "X" and I spend "Y", I only NET "Z", that seems impossible

  • I am too old to start that now... 

  • I would be bored.

  • What about healthcare? 

  • What if I run out of money?

  • What if I live too long?

  • What if I don`t like being retired?

  • How much money do I need?

and lastly my favorite comment..


"I do not want to just eat rice and beans forever!"

With this site I am looking to pass on my knowledge gained, and help provide a path to EVERYONE that F.I.R.E can benefit everyone of all ages. You can live a full retirement with proper planning and mitigation allowing you to focus on the things that matter, reduce stress, spend more time with family and friends, enjoy travelling not having to worry about what is going to be on your desk at work when you get back, and overall increased happiness. 

Even if you start this process when you are in you 50's I`ll show you tips and techniques that can reduce your time to retire by YEARS! Who would not want to retire 3 or 5 years earlier then when they planned. 

I will be making an effort to answer each any every one of you should you have any questions and the best way to submit them to me is by reaching out on our forums or on social media. 

I wish each and everyone of you the best on your path to freedom!


Emerald Lake Alberta Banff Canada Dock Mountains